Paperless Recorder

Product Details

v  TP1000 Series is the thinnest and lightest industrial grade touch screen multi-channel paperless data logger. It used the most advanced technology to be aimed to various industry applications. It is user friendly with complete functions to collect, control and recording such as voltage, current, temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration, etc. The host can fit up to 8 modules (totally 64 channels).Touch screen paperless recorder with its rich, flexible mode of operation and a strong record, computing control and management functions, a very wide range of applications in all walks of life. This product has absorbed the cost-effective products.

v  Multi-channel from 8 channels up to 64 channels, 8 Channels / module. (total 8 modules as option)

v  No pen, paperless, maintenance free with lowest operating costs

v  High brightness 10.1 inches color TFT LCD, CCFL backlight, clear picture

v  ARM microprocessor, enabling simultaneous 16-channel signal acquisition, recording, display and alarm setting.

v  Built-in 64MB Flash memory to store of historical data at real time, no any data loss during power down. The capacity of the built-in flash memory 64M byte, 8 channel 20 seconds record a record 865 days. 1 second records the fastest time data of all channels.

v  The stored data can be dump to the computer easily in the format of Excel..

v  Fully isolated universal input, which can enter a variety of signals, without replacing the module software configuration

v  Real time digital display, curve or bar chart. Recall the curve from the screen anytime.


Build in 64M

Test Channel

8/16/24/32/40/48/56/64 Channel (Optional)

Sample Rate

1-9999 Second


+/- 0.2% FS


0.01 deg.C


AC110 to 220 / DC12 to 24

Thermocouple/Thermal Resistance

K,S,R,B,N,E,J,T, WRE3/25,WRE5/26, PT100,CU50



Operating temperature

70 deg.C

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