Level Products We Supply

Types of Products We Supply

We supply deferent kinds of products for flow, level, valves, sensors, pressure, temperature, advance geophysics instruments and other related products.

  • Smart Guided Wave Radar Level
    Smart Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter


  • Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
    Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

    EA Series

  • Pressure Level Transmitter
    Pressure Level Transmitter

    EC Series

  • By-pass Level Transmitter
    By-pass Level Transmitter

    EF Series

  • Magnetic Float Level Switch
    Magnetic Float Level Switch

    FC / FD Series

  • Mini Float Level Switch
    Mini Float Level Switch

    FC / FC Series Mini

  • Magnetic Float Level Switch
    Magnetic Float Level Switch

    FC / FD Series

  • Side Mounting Float Switch
    Side Mounting Float Switch

    FF Series

  • Magnetic Float Level Transmitt
    Magnetic Float Level Transmitter

    FG Series

  • Radar Level Transmitter
    Radar Level Transmitter

    JFR Series

  • Mini By-Pass Level Transmitter
    Mini By-Pass Level Transmitter

    MEF Series

  • Capacitance Level Switch
    Capacitance Level Switch

    SA Series

  • RF-Capacitance / Admittance Le
    RF-Capacitance / Admittance Level Switch

    SB Series

  • Tuning Fork Level Switch
    Tuning Fork Level Switch

    SC Series Tuning

  • Vibrating Probe Level Switch
    Vibrating Probe Level Switch

    SC Series Vibrating

  • Optical Level Switch
    Optical Level Switch

    SD Series

  • Rotary Paddle Level Switch
    Rotary Paddle Level Switch

    SE Series

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