Penetration (Needle) Thermocouple Probe

Product Details

v  Needle type probe

v  Tube Diameter:

Ø  3.2 mm

v  Tube Length:

Ø  100 mm

v  Max. Temperature:

Ø  Max. 250 deg. C or 500 deg. C

v  Response Time:

Ø  3 seconds

v  Thermocouple Type:

Ø  Standard type K thermocouple

Ø  Optional for type J,T,E thermocouple

v  Cable Length & Material:

Ø  2 meters PU coiled in blue (Standard) Straight cable length can be ordered as per customer’s request

v  Applications:

Ø  Penetration temperature probe is ideal for measuring temperature of liquid and semi-solid such as oil, rubber, plastic, clay, powder, meat, fruit, and frozen food stuff. Great tool for monitoring BBQ grill and meat temperature

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