Fridge Freezer Thermometer

Product Details

v  Large LCD display

v  Loud beeping sound

v  Room and outer temperature sensor switchable 

v  Temperature unit °C/°F selectable

v  Max/Min temperature memory

v  Outdoor sensor High/Low alarm setting  

v  Folding stand on the back of unit

v  Magnetic attachment

v  Temperature Range:

Ø  Room Temp: -10 deg. C to 50 deg. C (NULL deg. F to 122 deg. F)

Ø  Outdoor Temp: -50 deg. C to 70 deg. C (-58 deg. F to 158 deg. F)

v  Resolution:

Ø  0.1

v  Accuracy:

Ø  +/-1 deg. C (+/-1.8 deg. F)

v  LCD Display Size:

Ø  47 (W) x 20 (H) mm

v  Product Size:

Ø  73(W) x 52(H) x 14(D) mm

v  Cable Length:

Ø  3 meters

v  Applications:

Ø  Fridge and freezer thermometer is ideal for monitoring the temperature of freezer to prevent food spoilage. It is also applicable to monitor the temperature of aquarium water.

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