Smart Absolute Pressure Transmitter

Product Details

v  Data configuration with HART configuration

v  High accuracy:

Ø  ± 0.075% of Span (at 20? )

v  Flexible sensor input:

Ø  Absolute Pressure, Vacuum

v  Various output:

Ø  4-20 mA(analog), Digital signals

v  Setting various parameters:

Ø  Zero/Span, Fail-mode, Unit, Trim, etc.

v  Self diagnostic function:

Ø  Sensor, A/D Converter, Memory, Power, etc.

v  Working Pressure Limits (silicone oil):

Ø  0-400 kPa for range 4

Ø  0-1500 kPa for range 5

Ø  0-3000 kPa for range 6

v  Hydrostatic Test Pressure

Ø  Range 4 : 58 psi (400 kPa)

Ø  Range 5 : 218 psi (NULL kPa)

Ø  Range 6 : 435 psi (3000 kPa)

v  Burst Pressure:

Ø  2000 psig (NULL.8 MPa)

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