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JMJ Instrumentation Control & Industrial Supply was established on May 6, 2011 as a sole proprietor, This company involve in the field of instrumentation, automation and electrical products and services as a contractor, distributor, agent and supplier of difirent kinds of products for temperature, pressure, level, flow, sensors, valves and other related products.

JMJ Instrumentation is specialized in process instrumentation and controls, we offer and provide to our costumer a good quality products and services that can help to improve their process.


Supplier and Distributor of Instrumentation, Automation and Electrical Products.

Products We Supply

Types of Products We Supply

We supply deferent kinds of products for flow, level, valves, sensors, pressure, temperature, advance geophysics instruments and other related products.

  • Flanged Check Valve Cast Steel
    Flanged Check Valve Cast Steel

    Series 25114

  • Sanitary Ball Valve
    Sanitary Ball Valve

    N66 Series

  • Bead Wire Temperature Probe
    Bead Wire Temperature Probe


  • Thermocouple Probe
    Thermocouple Probe


  • 2-Piece Direct Mount Ball Valv
    2-Piece Direct Mount Ball Valve

    Series 12

  • Air / Gas Thermocouple Probe
    Air / Gas Thermocouple Probe


  • Industrial Pressure Gauge
    Industrial Pressure Gauge

    MEX8 Series

  • Pressure Gauge
    Pressure Gauge

    MCX-MCF Series

  • Thermocouple Probe
    Thermocouple Probe


  • Special Purpose Temp. Probe (R
    Special Purpose Temp. Probe (Ring Type)


  • Flanged Check Valve Cast Steel
    Flanged Check Valve Cast Steel

    Series 25314

  • Check Valve 36 Stainless Steel
    Check Valve 36 Stainless Steel

    SC602 Series

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Product Branding

Brand of Products We Sell

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